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5on Google,Mar 30, 2023


Dr Nikchevich and his wonderful staff … I swear they really make you feel so comfortable and valued. I was a patient of theirs 18 years ago and would not go anywhere else for Oral Surgery. Today I was back for more and again left knowing I will be so well taken care of once again.Thank you so much!!!

5on Google,Mar 30, 2023


Phenomenal Doctor!! I went to Dr. Nikchevich for an extraction of a tooth that had an abscess inside. I had no idea how easy this would play out. It's all him and the nurses! He is so supportive and you know exactly what he is doing and why he is doing it throughout the entire procedure. Its the next morning now. I didn't need anything but advil/tylenol. No pain...a tiny bit of discomfort, probably from the infection being dealt with. I only took advil/tylenol because I didn't want to chase pain and I can't take stronger pain pills, they make me sick. So I didn;t want to find out if there was going to be pain. One day of alternating advil and tylenol is no big deal to me. I will probably only take tylenol now...for one more day since I feel good. I can't express to you just how easy this process was, I am dumbfounded. The office was VERY clear on costs and what I "could" be charged. ...and it actually was less since I didn't need a bone graph. I have problems in two other areas and he measured them and told me I would not need graphs for those either. So now I can plan for two more in the future, financially. There is a 2% chance implants fail...it happens...and Dr. Nik said he re-does them for free if that happens. How many doctors do that?!! He doesn't charge for the follow up visits either. Implants aren't cheap anywhere but if you are going to get one, don't waste your time going elsewhere. He is so thorough, kind and good at what he does. He even explained everything to my husband afterwards instead of just disappearing when he was done with me. His support staff is great too!! Breanne & Priscilla were my nurses and Isabel took my CT Scan. They all have the same demeanor. Kind, friendly and VERY good at what they do. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Im not even scared to go back for the other two teeth that need implants. What a relief!

5on Google,Mar 30, 2023


Very nice and professional people

5on Google,Mar 28, 2023


Everyone in the office is fantastic, professional and compassionate. I absolutely will not go anywhere else.

5on Google,Mar 24, 2023


Love this office! Everyone was so nice and very professional and made me really comfortable for my procedure. You can tell everyone loves working there and very committed to their jobs and they went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you for taking such good care of me! 🙏.

5on Google,Mar 24, 2023


My wife Michelle Capelli had her second implant today with Dr. Nikchevich. Absolutely perfect, incredible fast and professional, the best experience that you can have. Thanks from me and my wife. She’s calling her procedure “The Rolls Royce of Implants”.

5on Google,Mar 23, 2023


great place, great people!

5on Google,Mar 23, 2023


Best experience and most informative dentist ever.

5on Google,Mar 22, 2023


I recently had a tooth removed and implant put in. Dr. Mirzaians was my doctor. I had a great experience with him. I had another tooth extracted and an implant put in at a different practice a few years ago and, although the procedure went well, there were other issues that I wasn’t happy with. I was nervous I’d experience similar issues but Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery was great. Dr. Mirzaians explained everything in detail and was extremely caring. The procedure went smoothly and I’d recommend him to anyone needing a dental implant

5on Google,Mar 20, 2023


Incredible experience each and every visit…. Thank you so much !

5on Google,Mar 18, 2023


The front desk lady is not that pleasant. But that's not why you are here. Dr. Nikchevich is the most awesomest implant specialist I have seen in my life. Trust me I have 5 implants already and know the sort of "salesmen" most dentists are. Dr. Nikchevich is a rare exception; I went to him for a second opinion (but I didn't tell him!). He debunked all the lies I was told from the other surgeon; work that was absolutely not necessary. Long story short this guy rocks! He has too many years of experience under his belt; so hurry up while he is still in practice.

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