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Precise Smile Customized Full-Arch Transformations


Precise Smile Is Truly Unique

We understand how tooth loss can impact health, appearance, and quality of life. With Precise Smile customized, full-arch transformations, we can provide the ideal solution for restoring each individual patient’s smile with a new set of implant-supported teeth.

Information on the Internet, as well as many advertisements for complete tooth replacement with dental implants can lead people to believe that there is one treatment option that is best for everyone.  At Advanced Dental Implants, we take a different approach.

We collaborate with our patients’ dentists to offer multiple, customized options to give patients choices for their new smile, and we utilize the most advanced technology available, including the Yomi robotic-assisted guided surgery system.

Why Robotic-Assisted Full Arch Treatment?

Dr. Nikchevich provides robotic-assisted implant surgery because it facilitates the most accurate and precise placement of dental implants possible. He can actually watch the exact placement of the implants during surgery on a large monitor that displays 3D images of the surgery site, the jaws and other anatomical structures.

This high level of precision and accuracy with implant placement enables the prosthodontist or restorative dentist to create the most natural-looking and functional replacement teeth possible.

In addition, this technology provides a minimally invasive approach, which can lead to more efficient surgery in less time, as well as a quicker recovery time with less discomfort for patients.

Benefits of Precise Smile

Dental implant treatment is the only treatment option that preserves the bone that resorbs or deteriorates when teeth are lost or removed.  When all of the teeth are missing, facial structures begin to collapse as the jaws atrophy, making it more difficult to eat and speak, and completely changing facial appearance.

Precise Smile provides patients with significant benefits compared to other treatment options, combining Dr. Nikchevich’s extensive experience implant surgery, collaboration with restorative specialists, and the most advanced technology available.

Improved Health & Function

Dental implants function like tooth roots, providing a strong, stable foundation for replacement teeth that function like natural teeth.  Precise Smile gives patients the ability to eat the foods they love; chewing and digesting properly, and improving overall health.

Enhanced Quality of Life

A beautiful new smile that is secure not only improves appearance, but also restores confidence, health and overall well-being. The ability to smile and laugh naturally, socialize with ease, and enjoy eating again dramatically improves patients’ quality of life.

Natural-Looking Smile

Precise Smile gives patients a natural looking smile with new teeth that are designed for each patient.  Optimal esthetics and function are possible as a result of the accuracy and precision of robotic-assisted implant placement combined with the extensive experience of Dr. Nikchevich and his restorative colleagues collaborating as a team.


There are multiple, customized treatment options available with Precise Smile allowing patients to choose the option that best meets their needs, including financial.  We offer flexible financing plans to provide affordable monthly payments.

Precise Smile Treatment Options

There is a wide range of innovative Precise Smile treatment options, offering patients choices to meet their needs with function, appearance, ease of care and maintenance.

Hybrid Full-Arch Restorations

Precise Smile hybrid full-arch restorations, such as the All-on-4 treatment concept, provide patients with a fixed set of implant-supported replacement teeth for one or both arches. Each hybrid restoration is customized to provide patients with optimal function, longevity and esthetics, which often requires more than 4 implants in each arch to achieve the desired outcome.

Hybrid restorations can be an ideal solution for patients who want to have their smiles restored with fixed replacement teeth, in a relatively short period of time.

The full arch of replacement teeth is secured to the implants on the day of surgery or the following day and the final restoration is seated a few months later after the implants have fully integrated with the bone.

Implant-Supported Overdentures

Precise Smile overdentures provide patients with multiple options, from as few as two implants in the lower jaw to support a removable denture, to several implants with a custom-designed bar attached for maximum stability and function.  Implant supported overdentures can often provide better aesthetics, particularly with the upper arch.  Overdentures are also easier to clean and maintain than hybrid restorations.

The Trefoil™ System for the Lower Arch

The innovative Trefoil ™ System from Nobel Biocare was designed to provide a full arch of replacement teeth the same day as the implant placement surgery.  The uniquely designed framework is manufactured with a special mechanism to adjust the way it fits and functions.  The Trefoil ™ System is an affordable option for people who want to replace a lower denture with a fixed set of new teeth, or who have lost several teeth in the lower arch.

Full-Arch Fixed Porcelain Bridge

For patients who want the natural-looking esthetics of individually sculpted porcelain replacement teeth, a Precise Smile full-arch fixed porcelain bridge could be the ideal solution.  Patients must have adequate bone and healthy gum tissue in order to obtain the optimal treatment outcome. Although the treatment time is longer, as it takes more time to design and fabricate the new teeth, if a patient is a candidate for this option and has the means, the results can be stunning.

Are You a Candidate for Precise Smile?

If you are missing several teeth, or have several failing teeth in one or both jaws, or if you want to replace a set of dentures, and you are in general good health, you could be a candidate for Precise Smile.

Call our Precise Smile Treatment Coordinator for more information and to schedule a consultation to discuss the best options for your new smile.