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Wisdom teeth removal and tooth extractions are common dental procedures often performed by general dentists. However, many dentists refer patients to oral surgeons for surgical removal of teeth because of the possible complications associated with tooth extractions. Our Simi Valley oral surgeons have extensive experience and expertise when it comes to extracting infected teeth and removing impacted wisdom teeth. We perform surgical procedures on a daily basis giving us a highly specialized skill set for handling more complicated extractions, such as:

· Teeth that are damaged or fractured
· Infected teeth
· Severely decayed teeth
· Teeth that are impacted (not fully erupted through the tissue)
· Third molars (wisdom teeth)
· Impacted wisdom teeth

Our Simi Valley surgical facility is equipped with modern operating rooms and state of the art monitoring equipment for the safe delivery of anesthesia, most advanced surgical equipment and highest standard when it comes to cleanliness protocols. For patients with complicated medical issues, we also have an outpatient surgical center with a nursing staff and an anesthesiologist.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal at ADI Simi Valley

If you are a teen or young adult, or you are experiencing complications from your third molars, you may want to consider having your wisdom teeth removed. This common procedure is important for optimal oral health and maintaining space in the mouth for a healthy smile. Our Simi Valley oral surgeons have the expertise and experience to properly diagnose the need for tooth extraction, create a treatment plan, perform the outpatient surgery and to monitor patients post-op and follow up during the healing process.

The Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Most people develop thirty-two permanent teeth over their lifetime with the last four teeth typically erupting from the gums. These third molars are known as wisdom teeth. These teeth normally emerge between the ages of 17 and 21 but can erupt as early as age 11.

Removing wisdom teeth is required when the jaw is not large enough to accommodate the third molars. When these teeth are unable to erupt, they become embedded or impacted in gum tissue or bone causing many potential future dental problems.

Some of the main reasons to consider extracting wisdom teeth are to avoid discomfort and oral health issues. These include:

· Pain and sensitivity around the impacted teeth
· Infection in and around the gums
· Damage to adjacent teeth
· Cysts around the jawbone
· Crowding of other teeth

Removing wisdom teeth before problems occur is always recommended.

Why an Oral Surgeon to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Patients are referred to our Simi Valley oral surgeons not only for our specialized training, but for our ability to offer the comfort of receiving sedation or general anesthesia during surgical procedures.

Our Simi Valley office offers the following types of anesthesia:

Local Anesthesia: Local anesthesia is commonly used in our Simi Valley office for simple surgical procedures where the patient has minimal pre-operative anxiety. An injection is used to administer the numbing medication to a specific area(s) to allow for a pain free surgery to be performed. Patients are completely awake and fully aware during the procedure. Although they may feel pressure and/or movement of the tooth, local anesthesia should eliminate any pain.
Light Sedation (Twilight): Often referred to as “twilight” sleep, light sedation is a form of intravenous sedation where the medication is administered through an IV. Light sedation enables patients to undergo wisdom tooth removal in a state of relaxation that can help alleviate anxiety and any pain. We commonly use this type of anesthesia for routine wisdom teeth removal in our Simi Valley office.
General Anesthesia: Our Simi Valley dental office offers general anesthesia for our patients who want to be fully asleep during wisdom teeth extraction surgery. Our Simi Valley oral surgeons are uniquely trained and qualified to provide general anesthesia safely and effectively if this is the recommend course of treatment. With this form of sedation, patients don’t feel any pain and have limited memory of the tooth extraction. Patients will need to have a friend or family member drive them home after the procedure as general anesthesia takes time to leave the body, leaving patients feeling slightly groggy after the procedure.

The Process of Wisdom Teeth Removal

The first step is a comprehensive evaluation and consultation. Your Simi Valley oral surgeon will determine whether your wisdom teeth should be removed and answer any questions you may have. Next, we will discuss your options for anesthesia with your oral surgeon making a recommendation to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible and completely pain-free during the surgery. Finally, your Simi Valley oral surgeon will explain what you can expect during and after your procedure. We will also give you instructions to prepare for the day of surgery.

On the day of your surgery, you will be seated in one of our beautiful surgical suites with sophisticated monitoring equipment, which is important for your safety. If you have opted to have sedation, your surgeon will administer the anesthesia and you will feel as though you are falling asleep. The tooth extraction will be performed while you are sedated. When the surgeon has finished your surgery, you will start to wake up slowly.

After your procedure, you will be sent home with post-operative instructions, which we will also have discussed during your initial consultation. We will answer any additional questions or concerns you may have so that you go home feeling safe and prepared for proper healing.

Your surgeon will call you the evening of your surgery to make sure you are doing well and one of our highly trained Simi Valley surgical assistants will also call you a few days later to see how your recovery is going. Most patients recover within a few days and can resume normal activities within a week.

If for some reason, you do experience more than minor discomfort, your Simi Valley surgeon will meet with you for a post-op exam to reevaluate your situation and make any necessary changes to your post-surgical instructions. We are here to support you from beginning to end.

For more information about tooth extraction or to set an appointment to discuss if wisdom tooth removal is the best option for you, contact us at (805) 495-7416.

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