Robotic Assisted Guided Implant Surgery

Guided implant surgery is not a new concept. It has been utilized for several years to improve accurate positioning of the dental implant, which is a key factor in successful treatment outcomes. However, newer robotic assistance technology takes guided implant surgery to another level of accuracy and precision.

Advanced Dental Implants is the first practice in Southern California to incorporate the Yomi robotic assisted guided surgery system – the first of its kind in oral and implant surgery. The Yomi system combines Dr. Nikchevich’s extensive expertise in implant surgery with the benefits of robotic surgery to provide patients with the most accurate, precise, customizable restorations possible.


The Yomi system provides assistance with the planning and placement of dental implants, utilizing a digital workflow to deliver multi-sensory guidance for the implant surgeon with real-time physical, visual and audio feedback throughout the procedure. Dr. Nikchevich is able to watch the exact placement of the dental implants during surgery on a large monitor that displays 3D images of the surgical site and surrounding teeth, the jaws and other anatomical structures.

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