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Innovative Procedures

Our practice is always on the forefront of innovations in the field of implant surgery. Dr. Nikchevich is asked on a regular basis to participate in clinical trials for new products and procedures because of his extensive experience and reputation. He is constantly seeking new approaches to address the unique needs of our patients.

This includes new techniques for bone grafting with the Bone Ring, a solution such as Trefoil ® for patients who need complete tooth replacement in the lower jaw, and tooth colored Zirconia implants to improve esthetics for patients with thin gum tissue.

The Trefoil system gives patients the option of replacing all of their lower teeth with a prosthesis that is stable, secure and affordable.


The Trefoil System

Dr. Nikchevich has been using the Trefoil ™ system to provide complete tooth replacement in the lower arch for patients seeking an alternative to a lower denture.

Utilizing a pre-manufactured framework that is designed to fit the curve of the lower jaw, the system provides the flexibility for the implants to be placed where bone is available.

This is important since the location of the implants in most situations will dictate the final outcome, but with the Trefoil ™ system, the framework adjusts to the availability of bone without compromising the appearance of the replacement teeth attached to the framework. Another unique feature of the Trefoil ™ system is that the framework is supported with just three implants, making it even more affordable than the All-on-4 ® treatment concept.

The Bone Ring

There are a number of situations where patients have lost a significant amount of bone in the ideal location for implant placement and the defect in the bone requires bone grafting/augmentation. The bone ring technique enables surgeons to place the bone graft and the implant simultaneously in a single procedure.

This innovative technique can be utilized in most situations requiring bone grafting. The implant is placed in a cylinder, or ring of bone that fits around the implant in the socket. Treatment time is reduced when the bone graft and implant placement can be performed during the same appointment, as opposed to waiting for a few months after a bone graft and then placing the implant(s).

Zirconia Implants

Sometimes patients with thin gum tissue or those who are prone to gum recession have problems with traditional titanium implants showing through the gums. Zirconia implants are tooth-colored ceramic implants and since they are the same color as the crowns seated on them, patients with thin gum tissue do not experience the problem of a visible gray shadow. These implants are also a good alternative for patients who are concerned about metal, or have metal allergies.

There are some limitations with Zirconia implants. Unlike traditional implants, they are only available as a single piece and must be placed only in areas with sufficient bone mass. In addition, the replacement teeth cannot be set into place with screws, they must be cemented onto the implants.